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Photography: Hugh Turvey
Words: Chloe Jagger
Campaign Manager: Chloe Dislaire


September 2018


The increasing global demand for sneakers and their cult status inspired our collaboration with British artist and photographer Hugh Turvey in 2018.

Hugh x-rayed some of the most hyped sneakers of the year, including the Balenciaga Triple-S, Louis Vuitton Archlight, and FILA Disruptor, giving us a new perspective on these highly sought-after styles.

Louis Vuitton LV Archlight x-ray and profile

Full case study available on request.

Objective – Solution

At the time, part of Lyst’s SEO strategy focused on building trust with search engines in order to rank higher in search results. To achieve this, we sought to create engaging and informative fashion data reports that would attract backlinks from other websites, which would help improve Lyst’s search engine rankings and build domain authority. We also aimed to showcase Lyst’s fashion expertise and provide our audience with unique and engaging content.

A project featuring x-rays was a perfect fit for this strategy. It offered a unique and visually striking way to showcase the inner workings of sports and luxury fashion sneakers.


The project received extensive online coverage, including articles in Highsnobiety, Designboom, Hypebeast, GQ Australia, i-D Italia, Footwear News, and Forbes.

The Gucci SEGA Flashtrek

“To explore what lies beneath the construction of some of the season’s most highly coveted kicks, Lyst collaborated with British artist and photographer Hugh Turvey, to get the X-ray vision on these hyped-up styles.”

GQ Australia

Behind The Seams: Sneakers intro screen

Content layout

Gucci Sega Flashtrek profile

Vetements / Reebok before/after visual

Balenciaga Triple S profile


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