A project aimed to refresh Lyst’s brand visuals and elements, such as typography and colour, to cater to the luxury fashion customer.


Visual direction, fonts, colours
Marketing creative, newsletter design, Keynote and brand assets
Lyst Insights and Lyst Index design and build






Visual Design: India Warden and Milly Findlay
Product Design: Liz Hall, Greg Docherty, Chris Hall, Tallulah Watson, Amber Rose
Design System: Amber Rose
User Research: Anna Robertson
Director of Design: Tom Bown

In 2022, Lyst shifted its product strategy to concentrate on the luxury market, which includes high-end customers and its brand partners.

The goal for this project was to provide a foundation for the Product and Design teams to work with, while also allowing for further brand development, essentially giving us a clean canvas to build upon in the future.

While the Lyst brand itself still required a period of exploration and discovery, the company’s priority was to focus on the product. To achieve our goal, the Design team took a holistic view of the product and brand and focused on ways to elevate the app, website and brand collateral on a small budget.

Full case study available on request.

Typography & Colour

The fonts were selected to create a user-friendly, yet luxurious look and feel. Similarly, the colour palette was selected to create a cohesive and sophisticated appearance, while still being easily replaceable at a later date. A new version of the design system was established using these fonts and colours.


The Product Design team redesigned both the website (still in development) and the app. The team integrated the new colour palette and fonts, refined the style of components within the design system, and added additional white space to enhance the product’s appearance, resulting in a more premium look.

Screenshot of a PDP on web


Due to the fact that it’s an inventory-free platform, Lyst mainly relies on product shots from its partner brands for its visuals. This presents many challenges for the Visual Design team when it comes to marketing creative. One solution is to create stylised product collages. These visuals are used across paid social, Google ads, the homepage, app content, organic social media, and newsletters.

Paid social ads

The Visual Design team adjusts the colours and creative elements of designs, depending on their placement and audience. This may result in conservative colours and layouts, or very colourful, fun and creative ones.


The new fonts, colours, and style guide were also updated across other brand touchpoints, such as the newsletters, the App Store and Play Store, the Lyst Insights website, The Lyst Index, and internal and external decks.

Lyst Tips newsletter
Newsletter design
4 x stylised Lyst app previews for the App Store
Stylised app previews for the App Store

Example layouts from Lyst’s Keynote deck

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