The Great Frog have been selling rock 'n' roll jewellery from their store in the heart of Soho since the early '70s. Their clients have included Iron Maiden, Metallica, Led Zeppelin, Motörhead and Slayer, and in the past few years the business has expanded to the USA, with stores in NYC and LA.
The team already had a mockup they wanted to use, so my work involved recreating that and elaborating where necessary. 
Front-end what you see is a highly customised Storefront child theme. I figured it would be better to work off a framework which had already been thoroughly tested with WooCommerce than build my own from scratch and try to keep up with each update.
More than half of their online customers were using mobile to view their web store, but the site wasn't responsive and the company had outgrown it considerably since it was built.
The shop now runs on WooCommerce. There were a lot of customisations involved in this project, I tweaked some of the functions and added various WooCommerce extensions necessary to give the client exactly what they wanted.
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